Save Money on Holiday Meals

Talk turkey when searching for ways to downsize the cost of the main meal for festive occasions.

| October 10, 2008

Falls Church, Virginia – According to the U.S. Census Bureau, $3.86 billion in turkey sales was forecast for 2007. With Thanksgiving just around the corner, many people are already in the planning stages for this year’s holiday meal. With the current economy hitting many families in the pocketbook, people are looking for ways to save money this year. According to Chef Paul Magnant, dean of culinary and hospitality at Stratford University, the turkey is the first place to look for cutting costs.

“Typically, we spend about 70 percent of our food dollar on the protein or ‘center’ of the plate,” Magnant says. “So, logically, it makes sense to try to save money in the largest expense area, which is the turkey.”

To do this, he suggests consumers consider buying bone-in turkey breast. Although whole turkeys tend to be the most popular option, they only provide 40 percent of the weight-yield after cooking. Therefore, that typical $.99 per pound really amounts to more than double what was paid at the register, when you consider what is edible after cooking.

“Consumers end up getting less than they think they do. To save money, it’s usually best to go with the bone-in turkey breast,” Magnant says. “You get more for your money, they take less time to cook, and they are easy to roast.”

“Another tip is to use Pepperidge Farm stuffing found in the bag at the supermarket,” Magnant says. “The spices and herbs will make a great addition to the meal. They are the only company that I know of that incorporates the herbs and spices into the bread dough before baking.”

Other money-saving tips for this holiday season include:

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