Recycle an Old Dress into a Skirt

| 7/12/2013 8:24:52 AM

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A skill that pioneer women and their daughters had to develop was the ability to sew. Since store bought clothes were rare all of the family’s clothes were sewn by hand. Clothing was kept simple and practical with each family member having only a few outfits to last all year.

Today we have so many articles of clothing that it piles up and we have to continually organize and make our closets bigger. Many people treat clothes as a disposable article. I try to buy my clothing from second hand stores or sew my own clothes. I feel industrious and self-sufficient for my own family when I sew. Also when I can no longer use an article of clothing I find ways to repurpose the article so that it can be reused.

I have an old dress that does not fit me well, but I would like to use it to make a simple skirt. The easiest way to make a dress into a skirt is to attach it to a wide elastic waistband.

Old Dress 

Step 1: Cut Dress at or below Existing Waist 

Wherever you end up cutting your dress make sure that it provides an ample amount of material to easily pull on and up to your waist as a simple skirt.

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