Rural Adventures Letters From Grit Readers

Grit readers share their letters and talk about their latest rural adventures on the homestead.

| March/April 2007

Rural mail call from Grit readers.

Rural mail call from Grit readers.


GRIT readers send letters sharing their latest rural adventures.

"Spike" the Lizard Wins the Race

Recently I changed my status from a life-long Chicago suburbanite to the newest rural adventures resident of the small town of Zebulon, North Carolina.

Although I find myself with the minor annoyance of being about the only person in town who still uses the grammatically correct salutation of "you" vs. "you all," country living still has its benefits.

One such perk is the unbridled free-flowing fun of such small-town signature events as the annual Lizard Lick Olympics that I had the pleasure of attending this fall in beautiful downtown Lizard Lick, North Carolina. The town has a reported population of 14, although I am told it has grown some recently.

In addition to the usual country music, dancing and the obligatory hush puppy culinary treats, the grand finale of the town festival was the annual Lizard Race, conducted by the consummately cordial honorary Mayor Charles Wood. I still haven't been given a straight answer as to whether Mr. Wood is an official mayor of a real town or merely a friendly figurehead.

Nonetheless, when "hizonnor" gave the "on your mark, get set, go," an uncanny reverence fell over the crowd as the lizards did their slip and slide up the incline, racing their way to the winner's circle.

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