Pink Is The Color

| 8/7/2011 3:40:57 PM

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A Red Pine Mountain LogoThanks to everyone who is joining me on the Purina 60 Day See The Difference Challenge.  I'll be posting the giveaway of the two Flip video cameras on Friday and I hope everyone will enter.  Thanks again to Purina for their generosity. 

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I have some thoughts to share today so I'll just jump in.

Do you think of yourself as a color? I do. No, I’m not talking about the colors that perhaps suit a person best. I’ve never been a slave to fashion. I wear what I like, and what I like is pink.

And what about the movie Legally Blonde? Do you remember it? The first time I watched Elle Woods, I knew I had found my long lost twin. It wasn’t just the pink pom poms on the pencils nor was it her scented stationery (scented stationary does always makes things better) nor was it Bruiser’s pink outfits. It was her entire attitude, her upbeat view on life, so quick to defend others, so quick to find the best in every situation. A pink person persona.

Yes, I’m one of those “pink” people. Ask Mountain Man. He’ll tell you it’s true. Whether it’s pink towels or linens or dishware, my entire world is filled with pink. “Mountain Man, can we paint the house pink?” I’m always asking. “No, no pink houses,” he says.

mountain woman
8/11/2011 9:19:10 AM

Hi Cindy, I'm actually getting ready to take a break after I do the Flip Video Camera giveaway. Need some time away from the computer. I also adore orange. I think that's why I go overboard with pumpkins every year and fall, with all it's different orange hues, is definitely my favorite season. Orange is a fabulous color and I do have lots of orange in my wardrobe. And, not being careful as to my fashion choices, I do combine orange and pink :-)and I would adore your garden. Optimistic and bright. I can't think of anything better. Thanks as always for visiting me and perhaps, just perhaps, one day, we'll be able to meet and go for a snowshoeing adventure in our woods.

cindy murphy
8/11/2011 7:24:48 AM

Mountain Woman, you've been so prolific with your blog posts here lately, I'm falling behind reading. Keep it up! I always enjoy your insight. I'm an orange person. I probably have more orange in my wardrobe than anyone has a right to, and does anyone really look good in orange? Don't care - I love, love, love it. Bright, enthusiastic, and sort of calm-down-for-goodness-sake. And in a combination that might make many people cringe, most of my gardens are a mix of pinks and oranges. One day, I'll visit your mountain, you'll visit my lake, and we'll sit around discussing the virtues of pink and orange amongst the beauty of it all. Enjoy your day.

mountain woman
8/11/2011 7:00:36 AM

Jean, thank you! Mountain Man is a blue kind of person so the entire house was definitely blue themed. Thanks so much for your kind words.

mountain woman
8/10/2011 12:35:19 PM

Dave, Sometimes I think we find our partners with opposite qualities because the different personalities really compliment each other. You were your wife's calming element as I think I am MMs. I think my attitude comes from a deep rooted faith that all is as it's supposed to be even when I walk through valleys. It's not about being constantly cheerful but instead about having rock solid faith in the beauty of the world. I so appreciate your insights on your comments. They mean a lot to me. I hope when we head to Missouri (delayed this year), we'll be able to meet.

mountain woman
8/10/2011 5:46:51 AM

Jenn, thank you! Caleb, thank you. I can tell you riding is such a thrill. So much fun it's worth all the aches and pains. Thanks for visiting me!

jean teller
8/9/2011 3:33:49 PM

Mountain Woman, I tend more toward blue than pink, so I am continually amazed when someone lives pink. :) Did like Elle Woods tho - good movies! Do take care of your head - ouch! - and I hope the holding-still problem is solved. A friend had to endure something similar. Definitely not fun. I enjoy reading your posts. Have fun on the mountain!

mountain woman
8/9/2011 2:53:38 PM

MBD, Hope you are okay and so sorry you have to have doctors following you. I'm a terrible patient to. No patience to be a patient. Yikes! Thanks so much for visiting me!

nebraska dave
8/9/2011 11:15:30 AM

MW, what an inspirational post. I have always had a positive outlook on life as well. I wouldn't say it was bubbly but things just never seemed to steal the joy of life from me. It was difficult for my late wife to understand that philosophy and many times it was interpreted as a "don't care" attitude. They are totally different. She finally learned to tolerate it but I don't think she ever understood it. It just wasn't in her nature to live life without worrying about something. However, she did say that I was the calming element in her life and she was the reality of life element in mine among many other things. Life has thrown many things at me but the seeing positive in everything that is in the core person that I am has helped me get through it all. You are so right about life not being about money or things. I have come to believe that life is about relationships with family and friends more than anything else. I have found that the measure of a man is about how good his word is and about how moral is lifestyles. The actions of a person speak louder than any promises. Thanks for always sharing an insightful post. Have a great day in the garden.

8/9/2011 10:41:44 AM

Excellent post, Mountain Woman! You are inspiring, and make me miss riding all at the same time. I'm sure Midnight is almost as happy to have you back as we are lucky to have your thoughts. Thanks for a great post.

8/9/2011 10:14:44 AM

Mountain Woman -- Glad that you've made it through the holding still portion -- that had to be very tough. I'm not exactly a morning person, but I'm can be cheerful once I do wake up for people to handle sometimes, and my philosophy is to find the best things that you can in every day. I know that we've appreciated having your voice as a part of things here on the GRIT site. I look forward to your posts! Thanks so much!

muck boot diva
8/9/2011 8:57:17 AM

Boy do I know where you are coming from. I feel like that old Granny with the Butler and pills in the Little Rascal's episode where she takes out the sling shot and puts them to good use. I have a troup of Dr's following me around with "no-no's". (The Diva is NOT a good patient. I am much like the Granny in that episode!!!). So, I do feel for ya MW. Glad yer up on yer feet again! Best. MBD

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