Overdosing on Media Produces Physically Inactive Children

Experts suggest an excess use of media produces physically inactive children in our society.

| November/December 2006

Inactive child

A child watching too much TV may become physically inactive.


Learn how the focus on today's media produces physically inactive children. 

Children and adolescents spend 45 hours each week watching television, working on the computer, playing video games or watching movies.
— Frank Booth, University of Missouri-Columbia biomedical researcher. 

Time once spent on physical or outdoor activity has been replaced by television, computer and video game time.
— Coalition for Healthy Children. 

“I like to play indoors better because that’s where all the electrical outlets are.”
— San Diego fourth-grader. 

Human genes evolved to support a great deal of physical activity, yet in the last 20 years, physical activity has decreased dramatically in the United States.
— Frank Booth, University of Missouri-Columbia biomedical researcher. 

Research has shown that "mindless" television or video games may idle and impoverish the development of the pre-frontal cortex, or that portion of the brain that is responsible for planning, organizing and sequencing behavior for self-control, moral judgment and attention.
— American Academy of Pediatrics, “Understanding TV’s effects on the developing brain,” Jane M. Healy, Ph.D., from May 1998 AAP News. 

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