Wishing You A Merry Christmas!

It’s just two days before Christmas and I’m almost ready for the big day!

The annual Audubon Bird County day was on Saturday and I had a good count even though it was warm for a December day and no snow. Bad weather really brings the birds flocking in to the feeders.

Today, I’m finishing up the last of the baking. I’m making a favorite, Italian Panettone, a fruity type of yeast bread.

I baked a big batch of cookies to take to the Bellville police officers. I do volunteer PR work for the department and I always say “Merry Christmas” to the officers, thanking them for the job they do for all of us.

I also baked an old favorite, Hobo Bread. It’s like a Boston Brown Bread but on the sweet side. It’s easy to make and bakes in small coffee cans.

A friend and I always exchange something we’ve made at Christmas. This year, I’ll give her the Hobo Bread and Panettone with some homemade apple butter. She always makes the best fudge so I hope she makes a batch to share this year!

I don’t really enjoy shopping but tomorrow I will finish up and get the last of the stocking stuffers. Luckily, everything I want to get can be found right here in Bellville so I don’t have to go to one of the box stores. Everything else was ordered over the Internet.

My two miniature donkeys, Samson and Delilah, are ready to enjoy their special treat for Christmas also!


  • Published on Dec 23, 2014
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