What Color of Tree Are You?

| 10/7/2014 3:06:00 PM

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Jamie Cearley, PhDHave you ever wondered what color of tree you are most like? Probably not, but fall is the time to see your true colors. There are lessons about ourselves intricately woven into the design of nature, if we will but stop and observe. Don’t miss this chance to stop and look at the changing leaves and learn a little something about yourself.

A simple understanding what makes a leaf a particular color in fall will allow you to discern which kind of tree you are most like. Let’s get started.

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Leaf colors are caused by pigments, which you probably already knew. What you might not know is that each pigment serves a particular role to benefit the tree. Did you also know that all biological pigments absorb specific wavelengths of light while reflecting others? Furthermore, the light that is absorbed, provides energy for the tree, but it is the light that is reflected, and not used by the tree that gives us the beautiful colors we see.

Leaf pigments in trees can get complicated, so let’s just talk about three.

Which of the three basic colors are you?

10/8/2014 12:32:04 PM

Nebraska Dave, aka the mighty oak! Yes, I do love the comparison you made with the oak. Having been hit by two tornadoes I can attest that there is some evidence to your point that they take the brunt of the storm for the surrounding trees. Interesting indeed. Enjoy continuing to find yourself in the trees this fall!

10/8/2014 8:26:12 AM

Jamie, being on the backside of life, I would guess that I've become the oak tree. I may have been a more adventurous tree in my youth but life has a way of making a person strong or broken. Many roads have been traveled with many bumps during my life time and I'm still standing which is kind of the mark of an oak tree. They grow slow and have strength in their growth. I suspect because of their strength that the mighty oak will take the brunt of weather to protect the other trees near by. Very interesting comparison, don't you think? ***** Have a great tree color day. ***** Sorry about the wrong comment on your post. It's been one of those mornings. :-)

10/8/2014 8:21:21 AM

Keith, the season is beginning to change here as well. Even though the summer can get hot and humid here, I still like the season. My favorite is of course Spring when all is new and fresh. Fall is next with all the colors and the cooler weather. Summer and Winter is a toss up with special enjoyable activities in both seasons. The garden year is pretty much over here and cleanup has begun here too. The rain water catch system will be drained and put away until spring and plant removal and bed cleanup will continue for a while. The seed catalogs will begin rolling in soon and planning for the next year will begin. Ah, this is the life, don't you think? Have a great fall garden day.

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