Time Passes Oh So Quickly

| 1/4/2016 9:46:00 AM

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Connie Mooreleaves on a stream

As I sit this morning, sipping on the first cup of coffee, it seems it was just last week that I looked out this window and enjoyed the rose-colored blooms of fuchsia and greens of grass and trees. Time passes quicker the older we get. That doesn’t sound possible, as time flows the same everywhere, for all time.

But, it is true because for generations we humans have said so. It is our perspective. Flowing hours surrounding a child of ten years is a greater part of their life — a solid block if you will, holding them into a now position.

For a person of sixty-five years, a day is but a fragment of their lives. It flows away quickly like an autumn leaf hitting the stream below its tree. An older person has a sense of before the leaf turned yellow, as the leaf started to fall and when it touched the flowing water, all together as a fleeting moment.

Now, through this window we watch the annual murmurations of grackles and starlings. Black dots swirl in the deep blue of a cold morning sky. As their one body of many bodies moves through from west to east, they fly together, almost joyously it seems, from night’s roost to morning field of breakfast.

Members are added at a moment’s notice. Flocks from afar find their way into the center of the murmuration even as it moves up, down, around for miles. For these creatures, time has no speed. Whether it goes slow or fast, their days are centered on food, water and a place of safety come nightfall.

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