Things I've Learned Lately

| 5/16/2014 8:52:00 AM

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April Freeman1. You use your ring finger way more than you ever thought.

2. It is impossible to look even remotely cute with Coke-bottle-bottom glasses. (Woke up with my eye matted shut due to some weird infection. Contact lenses are out for awhile.)

3. Spring is a bad time for a farmer’s wife to have a broken finger. (Yup. The injured finger is broken.)

4. The man of the house is good at gifts. (He got me two great books for Mother’s Day.)

Speaking of Mother’s Day, which was Sunday …

I’ve been thinking over this whole “Mom” thing. When you look at Facebook, Pinterest, and lots of the Mommy blogs online, women can sometimes get some weird impressions about what constitutes a good mom.

5/17/2014 9:51:19 PM

Thanks so much for the comments. I hurt for moms who feel like they are failing because they can't meet some arbitrary standard. Do the best you can. You don't even have to have incredible experiences and fabulous loads of fun. Just be there. Just enjoy them. You don't have to be AMAZING to be a great mom!

5/17/2014 5:18:12 PM

April, you have so nailed the truth. Being a good mom is just being there and loving your kids no matter what the financial status is. I don't know of any kids that have grown up and wished that they could have had more stuff. They might believe that while growing up but when they reach adulthood and have kids of their own they realize that because Mom was there and loved them it was better than stuff. You have some good looking kids that I suspect with your attitude will turn out on the upper side of the curve of life. In my humble opinion, kids just can't grow up and be bad adults when horses are involved. :-) ***** Have a great things you have learned lately day.

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