The Robin's Storm

| 3/24/2014 10:07:00 AM

Marlena Chestnut ShifflettLiving in rural West Virginia, I have discovered that there is something to all those “old wives' tells” that you hear, and that when it comes to meteorology, the old man you always run into at the store in town is really the most reliable source. The robin’s storm is the last snowstorm of the year and, according to folklore, must come before spring can raise her sunny head.

Calm Before the Storm
Calm Before the Storm

Just when things on the farm were getting started on the bright and sunny 50-degree days, the robin’s storm has arrived. Another couple of inches of the white stuff to cover everything and remind us that it is still March in the mountains and anything can happen. What better to do then fill the house with the warm and welcoming aroma of fresh baked rolls and sweet rolls? Though for some, the idea of homemade bread is a bit intimidating, this quick roll recipe will have even the novice baker enjoying fresh bread in no time; and better yet, both the rolls for dinner, and the sweet rolls for dessert are made from the same batch of dough! 

Simple Quick Dough

3 packets (.25 ounces each) dry yeast

1 3/4 cups warm water