Teaching the Future Generation: Part I

| 2/4/2015 10:10:00 AM

Traci N SmithToday’s children are not being taught any kind of survival skills. Even in the cities. I know adults who can’t count change, who can’t write checks, some who can’t even pump their own gas or find their way home without help. We are setting ourselves up for disaster. Even if there is no zombie apocalypse or disease epidemic or any other apocalyptic disaster, there are still natural disasters and crises and other situations where you need basic survival skills. And no, using computers and cell phones are not considered survival or even basic skills!

I conducted a Facebook poll and asked, “What are the Top 5 survival/life skills you think are essential for children to learn?” Below are the results.

Survival Skills Results 

And the basic skills that came up during the discussions were as follows:

Basic Skills Results 

So much of today’s society lives in cities. They have the freedom of going to the store to buy their food. Throw it in the microwave and push a few buttons to cook it. Push a button and the furnace or air conditioner kick on to regulate the temperature. The city provides water for you, all you have to do is pay a bill each month and turn on the faucet. Pay the electric company and you have all of life’s modern conveniences at the push of a button or the flip of a switch. Who needs survival skills, right? According to the folks I polled on Facebook, the Top 5 survival skills that children today are lacking are: the ability to hunt/fish/trap, fire building, knowledge of how to find and maintain a safe water source, finding or building a shelter, and weapons proficiency and safety.

2/24/2015 10:23:01 PM

Dave, I totally agree with you! They thought that they have evolved past the need for survival skills. But we have evolved right beyond being able to care for our own. I was told not to have kids because it isn't fair to bring them into this world and because I would never have enough money to give them all the newest gadgets. What good is a new iPhone going to do if you don't have food to eat or a roof over your head? And if you can't provide those things then you sure as heck shouldn't have the newest gadgets anyway. Not only have people forgotten how to survive, they've twisted their priorities so far that I'm not sure it won't take an act of epic proportions to fix it. ********** Thank you for the kind words and you have a great day as well!!!

2/15/2015 8:47:34 AM

Traci, I guess I missed this post. Such wisdom you have. A hundred years ago such skills were just a natural thing to pass down to the children in the family. The move to live a better life started a couple generations ago. My generation (the boomers) moved away from the country and became cubicle career oriented workers which equated success by how much stuff we had. Bigger houses, fancier cars, and more electronic gadgets become the goal. Survival skills were thought to be outdated and not needed any more. It has worked for a while but now the realization of maintaining this lifestyle long term has come in question. I've heard that this current generation will probably not end up in a better position at the end of life than their parents. I'm not an advocate of going back to my grand parents way of living, but we as a society need to re evaluate what is important in life and what is not. The newest IPhone or the biggest TV will not really help if bad things happen in the future. I do love technology but I don't base my life on it. ***** Have a great life skills day.

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