Pasture Deficit Disorder Is Our New Blog Name

| 10/6/2014 12:34:00 PM

A Wanna Be PioneerWe haven't been around as much as we would have liked, so you may not have noticed that we changed our blog name from Wanna Be Pioneer to Pasture Deficit Disorder. 

Even before it was officially our land, we couldn't stay away from this little pasture we now call home. It kept drawing us back. And soon after we bought it, we realized that anytime we drove away from it, we couldn't wait until we would return. 

pasture deficit disorder/pasture before

pasture deficit disorder/pasture now

One day, I printed a gorgeous photograph of our dramatically revived pasture and posted it on my bulletin board at work with a note that said, "I'm suffering from PDD (Pasture Deficit Disorder)," and thus, our new blog name was born.

pasture deficit disorder/tractor and sunrise