Mushroomers Are A Breed All Their Own

| 6/1/2016 4:48:00 PM

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This year I joined an elite group of people…”shroomers.” This is a term that we Michiganders call mushroom hunters this time of year who are really serious about their finds. Mushrooms are squirrely little members of the fungus family who are in an elite group all their own.

Morels are found in most areas of the United States except in the desert. However, the Great Lakes region is the hot bed for the mighty morel. Perhaps that is why there is always such a stir this time of year around my neck of the woods.

Morels like 60- to 70-degree F temperatures during the day with temps not dipping any lower than 40 degrees F overnight. Not only do they like it not too hot and not too cold, but also not too wet and not too dry. They can be found after a frost and after a snow and also before and after a good rain storm or not at all. See why the hunt is so challenging?

So, every year in the Midwest there is this steady progression. In a “normal” year, whatever normal is, they usually appear in Indiana and Ohio first since those states are further south and spring comes a little earlier than in Michigan. Then, a couple weeks later, they start showing up in lower Michigan and eventually in northern Michigan. When lilacs bloom in your area it is usually a good sign that mushrooms will be popping also.

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