May in the Shoals

| 5/28/2014 8:00:00 AM

Rosedale GardenHere it is May and my garden still isn’t plowed up. I mowed over it Friday and it was still very soggy. We had almost 2 inches of rain over the weekend. My tomatoes and cucumbers are ready to plant, and I may have to plant them in my flower beds. I’m still trying to catch up on my mowing and cleaning up my flower beds. Temperatures have been going to below normal to hot August for this time of year. For one bed, I think the best solution is to dig up the iris and take the loader and pull up all of the privet, redbug and hackberry trees and till the whole area and replant. I’m not sure why God created hackberry trees, except to be a host to these white fuzzy things that when the wind blows, makes you think it’s snowing in July.

Cajun Rhytmn9330

Xmas lily 0393

My irises and peony are just about bloomed out, and lilium and daylilies are showing out next.

Tango Starburst 0397

Lolypop 9325