Learn How to Make Money Blogging

Blogging for money can turn your niche farm business into a success; use social media sites to expand your web traffic and make money blogging.

| July/August 2014

Bob Lotich is a homesteader wannabe. He longs for the day when he owns 25 acres and does all the things he reads about from his suburban home in St. Louis. He’s also a professional blogger who believes small farms and homesteads are missing out on the money they could make online.

“I wanted raw milk,” he says, “so naturally I Googled ‘raw milk in the St. Louis area.’ I got two hits.” Since selling raw milk in Missouri is legal, Lotich is convinced that a homesteader with a few dairy animals could capture a great deal of search engine traffic just because no one else is doing it. And in building a successful blog, capturing search engine traffic is half the battle.

Jenna Wogenrich of Jackson, New York, presented a workshop on blogging for extra income at the 2012 Mother Earth News Fair in Pennsylvania. She asked the standing-room-only crowd how many folks had some kind of online presence to promote their farms. Only a few hands went up. Then she asked how many were there because they wanted to learn how to build that presence. Almost every hand went up.

Homesteaders know better than most not to put all their eggs in one basket. Whether selling eggs and produce at a farmers’ market, goats-milk soap and vintage tea cups on Etsy, or scrap metal to the junkyard, homesteaders are experts at making money from multiple income streams. Why not add blogging to the list?

I know just what you’re thinking, “How in the world will I ever find time to do that, too?” Wogenrich has just the answer: “Look at it as another farm chore. You can’t say ‘I’m not gonna milk today.’ So, work your blog with the same mindset.” That’s what she did.

Blogging since her teen years, Wogenrich quit her job as a web designer for The Orvis Co. on her 30th birthday to write full time. She already had a successful personal blog and a book deal with Storey Publishing for her first book, “Barnheart: The Incurable Longing for a Farm of One’s Own.” She monetized her blog, started advertising workshops and classes that she holds at her farm, wrote about her pastured pork shares, and the rest is history. Today she says she would have no income without the exposure her blog affords. But whether you make a full-time income, or just open up the gate for another income stream, blogging could be your next profit center.

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I am a new land owner and would love learn how to live off this land, I would love to have a garden, some chickens and a milk cow. I need to learn how to can food. can someone help me. Thanks

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