Lovin' Thy Neighbor

| 4/28/2015 4:13:00 PM

Rima AustinMy neighbors hate me. I think it has something to do with my rustic way of living that angers them. I moved to the spot on the property where I am now almost two years ago, but I have known these neighbors my entire life. However, being a military brat, it wasn’t until I moved back to homestead the farm that they saw much of me so I can understand their trepidation when they saw what was moving in next door.

The real trouble started when my wayfaring dogs, not understanding the concept of boundaries, chased a rabbit onto their property. The rabbit got away, but by that time they were in a new land and decided to stay and see the sights. This gross invasion on their property by rogue canines was not to be tolerated so a prompt call to the local sheriff was initiated. The sheriff’s deputy came out, issued me a “Dogs at Large” ticket, and there was the beginning of the beautiful relationship I have with my neighbors.

Now please understand I did not come here to just rag on my neighbors, but rather to set the stage for the most recent development: a new rooster. Actually, two baby chicks, two new hens and a fat, red rooster. Some of you can probably already see where this is going. Obtaining the older birds was a last-minute thing. My cousin called me over the weekend and said she had two hens and the rooster if I would like to come get them. I said yes and I was stoked. Finally my dream of owning chickens was unfolding. But, being that it was last minute, I did not have a permanent structure for them yet. So, on Sunday, my daughter Heather, her husband Gary, and I spent the majority of the day constructing the hen house.

Baby chicks hiding 

They were scared and hiding their little faces.

Gary Berry chicken coop