Living The Country Dream

| 2/26/2015 11:17:00 AM

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Show Me the Good LifeHow many times do you hear folks telling you how lucky you are to be living in the country, trying to live off the land, doing the things you want to do without interference from city ordinances telling you how many chickens you can have or a homeowner's association dictating the height and materials to be used on your greenhouse? Maybe you're even the person saying that ... while dreaming of a time when you can move to the country. On the other hand, there are folks like my mother who look at where we live and say, "I wouldn't live there if they gave that place to me!"

When I last blogged here, we were living in a small town in Missouri. Prior to living in Missouri, we had lived in Kentucky. We had wanted so badly to live in the country but, when we moved to west, for several reasons we bought a house in town, even though we knew it was probably not the best choice for us.

The rules and restrictions of city/subdivision living were about to get the best of me. Even though I had always told my husband, "I will move anywhere in the south, except Texas ...," when he told me he had an opportunity to transfer to Texas, I was ready to start packing. It was our chance to get out of the city limits ... to get to a spot where we wouldn't have neighbors; no one to measure my weeds to make sure nothing was taller than 8 inches; no one to tell me how many chickens I could have (though, based on the number of chickens we've accumulated, maybe we do need that kind of supervision).

It wasn't easy because it seems there are lots of folks wanting to move to Texas and live in the country, but we finally found out little piece of heaven. 


We moved into a house less than half the size of our previous home but we got what we had always wanted – not a big house, but land where we could do what we want (within reason I suppose), with few rules and no restrictions. We call it our little piece of heaven, and it truly is. Look at that glorious blue sky! It's that way almost every day. The downside of having few cloudy days is that we're in a drought.

3/1/2015 9:22:23 AM

Judy, whoa, you have been gone a long time. Welcome back to the GRIT blogging community. You've been gone so long that I've almost forgotten how informative your post always were. I hope to see you post more about your Texas life. ***** I always dreamed of rural living as well but just couldn't make it happen so I've moved into urban vacant lot gardening. It still has rules and regulations about fences and structures but I haven't had any real issues with that yet. My only live stock is wild life so there's not an issue with that at all. I don't ever plan on have live stock simply because it would tie me down to chores every single day. I'm definitely not into that. ***** Have a great living the dream day.

3/1/2015 12:20:13 AM

Sounds wonderful! I'm still trying to get to the point of packing up and moving out to the country...I'm envious of everyone living in the country!!

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