Late Spring in NW Alabama

| 5/20/2016 9:18:00 AM

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Corn is up, canola is blooming, and wheat is hinting at seeding out and turning gold. Fields are being ready for planting soybeans and cotton. Hay is being baled. Dogwoods are finished blooming and Grancy graybeard, peony, iris and daylilies are popping out. Blackberries are in bloom which usually means a cool spell, but the temps were in the eighties for over a week. Then we had over an inch of rain and blackberry winter arrived. Temperatures didn’t make it out of the sixties for several days.

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This year, I hope there are no injuries or illness to keep me from finding my flower beds buried under privet, hackberry, honeysuckle and blackberry. I found a cordless pole chainsaw with a 40 volt battery. I was leery of rechargeable, as I have a reciprocating saw that I have at least three batteries charged for a job. It will go through one every ten to fifteen minutes. This one will run out of bar oil before the battery runs out. I spent several days cutting. It will take me two days to haul everything to my tree pile.

andrew Jackson at Belle Mont

5/24/2016 4:25:10 PM

Dave, my yard is a mess, but I finally found someone who knows the difference between flowers and weeds. He started this week, so hopefully things will be back to where they were 5 yrs ago before I messed my knee up & a bout with Rocky Mnt Spotted fever. I'm just having tomatoes this year. Thanks for visiting and commenting.

5/22/2016 9:19:58 AM

Mary, I see you are still active as ever. You are so involved in the community activities that I don't know how you have time to do any thing at home. It's been a busy Spring for me as well. I'm working on developing a natural spring for my big garden called "Terra Nova Gardens". I won't be able to get the watering system completed this year but I am hoping to get the spring developed to provide the water partially completed. ***** Have a great bird watching day.

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