Going to the Garden or Gun Range

| 7/22/2016 11:04:00 AM

City Life, Country GardenFacebook friends and readers of Farming, Friends & Fried Bologna Sandwiches, and In The Garden With Billy, know that I have been on a quest for nigh on about six years. A chainsaw quest. I figure that I could achieve far more effectiveness, and open up more light in my garden, if I only had a chainsaw.

My daddy remembers a song titled "If I Had a Hammer," and if you aren’t familiar with that song click this link and listen. Pete Seeger performs the song for Farm Aid at age 90+ years. Watch the video my friends, watch it and soak in the spirit of someone whose voice made a difference.

Here is an excerpt from the lyrics:

"If I had a hammer
I'd hammer in the morning
I'd hammer in the evening
All over this land

And I'd hammer out danger
I'd hammer out a warning
I'd hammer out love between my brothers and my sisters
All over this land"

Now this post has nothing to do with hammers, not really. But hearing the “hammer” tune during most of my young days, I took creative license and have been singing "If I Had a Chainsaw" for a good long time.

7/23/2016 8:13:04 AM

This is hilarious! We've all had freak accidents while gardening. Ms. Winchester is in good company, and she needs to keep those safety glasses on!