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| 4/15/2016 4:25:00 PM

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Jauneta StoutIf you are wondering what 30 Years and 30 Friends is all about, I apologize for the confusion. It is about a garden club.

We were touring Historic Williamsburg, Va. when I saw this heart-stopping bouquet. It was huge, with roses, crepe myrtle, boxwood and flowers that I could not name. I wanted a bouquet like that, even a small one would do. So began my journey to grow beautiful flowers, and start a garden club.

My husband was a farmer and we had a vegetable garden, but I had failed at marigolds. The dog wanted that spot for his naps.

I had a good friend who was an experienced flower gardener. She grew lilies, tree peonies, wildflowers, and numerous others in her shady garden. Excepting winter, Jane always had a fresh bouquet on her kitchen table. Not exactly Williamsburg, but they were lovely.

We decided to found a garden club and visited a woman who had done just that. Her advice was; potential members should be willing to get their hands dirty.

Most country women worked hard in vegetable gardens. Planting, weeding, harvesting and then the cooking. My friend taught me that a garden was more than just vegetables. It helped that her husband cared for the vegetables, all she had to do was cook what he brought in.

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