Garage Sale Etiquette

| 6/20/2016 4:16:00 PM

Country Moongarage sale

Stuff. Everyone has stuff, myself included. I have, or should I say, had a lot of stuff. This isn’t necessarily good, it isn’t necessarily bad, it just is. So, the logical conclusion that everyone came to is that I should have a garage sale.

Nearly everyone I know has had one in their lifetime, some have them all the time. So, I had one, my very first one and my very last one. I learned a few things about people in the process.

First of all, this was more than just a garage sale for me. Jim was a collector of many things. He liked “stuff.” He wasn’t to the point of hoarder, but I daresay he never threw anything away. I am not even talking about his real collectibles, but just stuff in general. Even so, it was still hard for me to make the decision to part with anything although I felt closed in and just wanted some room.

So, I advertised it not only as a garage sale, but also as an estate sale. I also knew that I should price stuff a little high so people could offer less and that would make them feel like they got a bargain. It’s only mind games but it’s how it’s done.

OK, I didn’t mind the “make an offer” deals but I did mind the comments that I started hearing like “What crazy person put a price like that on an iron skillet?” and “You’ll never get your money, you’ll have it forever”. Really? Sorry to say that comments like these brought out the stubborn side of me. Even though I knew it would probably go to Goodwill in the end, my reply was “OK, I’ll keep it forever!” Come on people, this “stuff” meant something to someone, have a little respect. If you don’t want to pay the price, walk on by.