| 8/19/2015 12:26:00 PM

April ReneeIf everyone lived in harmony with nature, our footprints may not impact the planet the way they do within today’s global expansion. 

Our purpose is simple – live in peace. 

Harmony, love, goodwill toward men (and women) are what it's all about – but this is not a discussion about religion. Rather, this is a discussion about our own conservation efforts.  

While so many of us are concerned with the next politician’s righteousness or the neighbor’s shady side business, may we try examining ourselves. Individually. Each and every one of us. There is a whole collaboration of long lists of things that we can all do, every single day, in order to reduce our ecological footprint(s). 

footprints in the sand | Fotolia/Silroby

Photo: Fotolia/Silroby