Come and Meet Us At The Reservoir

| 1/15/2015 9:24:00 AM

Tags: The Reservoir Introduction, Gospel And Grub, Eileen,

EileenI am a combination of Ree Drummond, The Pioneer Woman (except for the accidental country girl part), MaryJane Butters (the original real country girl) ... and Julia Child, the whole-chicken, knife-wielding, wine-imbibing queen of the kitchen! Throw in an occasional dream of being as effective a billboard for God as Kathryn Kuhlman was, and how could I NOT embark on a stab at doing a blog?

Tomatoes Reservoir Sign
Bounty in the making and a sign of the times.

My love for God, food and farm life (in that order) runs my endless reservoir of passion for them all. And, oh by the way, "the reservoir" I speak of is exactly what brought me to these keys as I type what will prayerfully become many more blurbs and bloops of sheer conversational stories, recipes, and photos.

My husband, Pastor Russ, and I own/operate/mow/grow/pray/plow/sweat/eat/sleep and downright love this 4-acre piece of paradise called "The Reservoir," outside Clinton, Wisconsin. We grow organic food, nurture our "sheep" (not of the four-legged variety just yet) and delight daily in the tasks God presents to us.

And we EAT … My husband – the ever-ready willing to try, best MMMMMMM soundmaker ever, does-the-dishes guy – is the permanent fixture at the table. With that being said there's our ever present, always polite (unless she's hungry), "cuter than a speckled pup," Rez" (short for reservoir). She's my favorite color too ... orange. Yep, she's a tangerine lab … REALLY! She mans the under-the-table mission!

Rez is unsure of this new "employee" on The Reservoir Farm.

1/20/2015 9:47:38 PM

Real life example of walking by the Spirit , very refreshing !

1/19/2015 1:24:44 PM

To my true sister-in-Christ, who also happens to be my sister-in-law, my prayer is that God blesses both you and Russ in overflowing measure -- the model you've both given while developing The Reservoir and in your faithful service to others. You've always been an inspiration with your food, passion, and wisdom. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! With God's love into Eternity. Congratulations too.

1/19/2015 9:25:19 AM

Hi Eileen, I love your blog and as for your cooking I'm with my brother Pastor Russ in saying MMMMMMMMMM... Over the years I have found many things to love about you guys, the thing I love the most is your unwavering love of our Lord Jesus Christ! May that love bless all who visit the Reservoir. Many happy blogs. -Rob-

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