Be the Change by Sharing Your Summer Bounty

| 7/21/2016 10:21:00 AM

City Life, Country GardenEarlier this week I posted a blog that encouraged readers to unplug and disconnect from the negativity in this world, and then actively seek someone to bless.

Have you found someone? Have you actively looked for someone to bless?

C’mon now. The world is desperate for healing. You have the cure. You can #BeTheChange And if your have produce that is about to go to ruin, you can bless someone (yes, even with your surplus zucchini, although I highly recommend including tomatoes and maybe corn with your care package). 

Have you passed someone and felt that little nudge in your heart, a knowing that you have the power to help them if only for one moment?

I have.

There’s been a family on my radar, one with two boys that aren’t yet school age. I see them every day as I travel to work, and every day I think I’ll be brave enough to stop. Yet each afternoon I pass by, too busy (correction: too preoccupied with my own busy, silly, stupid life) to stop.