Baby Birds Fly the Coop and Mother Nature Continues Her Games

| 6/26/2015 3:00:00 PM

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Ginnie BakerIt’s almost the end of June and the first batch of “nestlings” have left the nest. They all left at about the same time; first the little wrens made it out of the nesting box and onto the pickets on the fence around the deck. Great rejoicing as they perched and chirped their song of freedom from what must have been a very crowded little nesting box!wrens

I saw six of them leave, all in one morning, with Mom and Dad encouraging them to try their wings, tempting them with large moths and bugs. It must have been a gourmet meal for the little ones because they didn’t hesitate to fly into the trees with the parents.


Then on the other side of the house, the little sparrows “flew the coop,” which is the bird bottle under the eaves.

bird bottle nest for the sparrows

I’ve never heard so much cheeping! I could watch from the kitchen window as they made their way from the bottle to my old fashioned wooden clothes line. One by one, they lined up on the crossbar … they had to fly at least 10 feet! But, I’m sure it was a major accomplishment for the brand new, unused wings on the little guys.

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