Another New Beginning

| 8/20/2014 11:13:00 PM

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Confessions of a Cracked EggIn 2011, I began blogging with GRIT with my very first blog titled “New Beginnings.” We had just moved onto our farm and had no idea of what life had in store for us here. In less than a year we experienced a whirlwind of building, fencing, relocating, layoff, the birth of our third child, and the homecoming of our very first livestock. What a year! This was one of the very first photographs I took of our new farm, my favorite part, the big red barn on the back hill.

Barn in Summer

Since that time, we have slowly expanded our operations. This year we were all prepared to continue that expansion with another 4 acres of fencing, a new shelter for our male alpacas, a machine shed for our growing inventory of farm equipment, and a much needed family-size truck for hauling and transportation.

So why ANOTHER new beginning? Well, as is our usual style we just can’t be boring.

On April 4, I awoke around 3 a.m. for no apparent reason, just an uneasy feeling I couldn’t explain.  I walked around checking on the kids, making sure the doors were locked, and then settled into the recliner and flipped on the TV to catch some early news. I wasn’t aware we were under a tornado watch, and watched for the next hour as severe thunderstorms moved into our area and encircled us. Nothing new for this time of year, and honestly nothing I was too worried about as we were not under a warning. By 3:45 a.m., the rough wind and pounding rain quieted and the regular morning news came on with all watches set to expire at 4 a.m. I dutifully stayed awake watching the news until 4 a.m., then turned the TV off and made my way back to bed hoping to get a few more hours of sleep before starting school with the kids at 8 a.m.

Moments after laying my head on my pillow, I heard a roar coming from the rear of the house. Odd, I thought, like a low flying plane. Moving once again into the kitchen I looked out the window to see … nothing. Everything looked peaceful and normal in the weak morning daybreak. But the sound, it was getting louder. I once again began rounds anxiously checking on kids and approached the front door. As I opened the door to look outside, the world exploded. The roaring was now a deafening howl, and I suddenly was not able to see past the front steps for this huge mass of GRAY. A wall of horizontal wind and sudden hail thundered down on the front lawn.

8/22/2014 5:34:28 PM

Suzanne, wow what a story of danger and recovery. I've never been up close and personal with a tornado but I've gone on many trips to clean up after one has ripped through a community so I know the damage they can do. It is a miracle that the house was spared and none of the animals seriously hurt. You're so right about things can be replaced but lives can't. I hope that insurance will cover most of the loss. Life in the country has some pretty harsh times but I expect that neighbors will help with the cleanup and with the rebuilding. That's just how country neighbors are. ***** Have the best recovery day that you can.

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