An Emotional Breakdown County Fair Edition

| 9/4/2015 8:48:00 AM

The season of county fairs is winding down, and in memorial to the most fun and stressful time of the year, here is a timeline of the emotional breakdown of fair week from the eyes of a 4-H alumnus turned leader.


The fair for exhibitors starts days before the carnival, but at our county fair, Sunday is the day for livestock check-in. We’re all optimistic about the week, excited to set up our pens and see our “county fair friends”. We all have them, you see them once a year, but you’re best buds as soon as you step onto the fairgrounds. The first day is hectic, but after check-in, you’re relaxed and ready for the week. You feel empowered, ready to take on the world…or, at least, take on Senior Poultry Showmanship.


The week has begun! Everyone is anxiously waiting for the midway to open up and shows have started at the very crack of dawn. While your friends are going on with their lives, you’re at the fairgrounds at 7am hollering at 4-H and FFA youth and scraping chicken poo off of plywood tables. Monday is poultry show day for our fair. The excitement of the week has just started!