A Mother’s Love

Reader Contribution by Eileen

Here’s another awesome reminder from “Monday’s With My Old Pastor.”

On a hot summer day, a little boy decided to go swimming in the lake behind his house. He went running out the back door, jumped into the water, and was happily swimming. He did not realize that a crocodile was approaching. His mother, from the house, was looking out the window and saw with horror what was happening. She instantly ran toward her son, shouting at him as loud as she could. Hearing her, the little boy became frightened and turned around and swam toward his mother, but it was too late.

From the dock, the mother grabbed the little boy by his arms just as the crocodile bit down on his little legs. The woman pulled on the boy’s arms with all her strength. The crocodile was much stronger, but the mother was much more passionate, and her love gave her supernatural strength.

A man who heard the screams hurried over to where they were, shot the crocodile several times with his pistol.

The little boy survived, and although his legs suffered a lot and he underwent several surgeries, he still was able to walk. After he had come through the trauma, a newspaperman asked if he could see the little boy’s scars on his legs. The boy lifted the bedspread and showed them to him. Seeing the worried look on the newspaperman’s face, the boy, with great pride, took off his T-shirt and, pointing to the scars on his arms, said, “The scars you need to see are these. The ones that my mother’s fingernails left holding on tight so the crocodile wouldn’t swallow me. I have these scars because my mother wouldn’t let go for a moment, and she saved my life!”

This story depicts a love stronger than any person, place or thing that would try to harm a child. No matter the tribulations we face, God is always there to save us! Also, with Mother’s Day approaching, remember your mom. Remember the “crocodiles” in your life SHE saved you from … and who taught her how to do it!

A mother’s love is strong. Photo: Fotolia/Masn

  • Published on Mar 18, 2015
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