Paying it Forward Throughout the Year

I am not a fan of the holiday season. To me it is too much and all consuming. However, I do like seeing the acts of charity and goodwill that happen during this time. We are living in some dark times and sometimes the holidays are made a little brighter by people paying it forward. Nevertheless, how much better would we be if we were all paying it forward throughout the year?

In the midst of all the chaos and materialism that happens each year around Christmas, there is a good amount of focus on the less fortunate due to what is called the Christmas spirit. People volunteer at soup kitchens and groups like Angel Tree and Toys for Tots get a lot of attention. It is good to see this, but I would love to see more happen throughout the year. Is the Christmas spirit strong enough to last 365 days?

If we decide to volunteer at a homeless shelter to help serve a Christmas meal, perhaps this can be only the beginning of a meaningful relationship with the shelter and those it helps. Those who are in need are still in need in January, July, and throughout the year. Can they be helped to the same degree during those times? How much better could so many people’s situation improve if everyday we had the mindset of paying it forward? I write this as much for myself as anyone else out there.

We have the power to make the Christmas spirit last the whole the year. The world could be a little brighter if more people had the mindset of paying it forward everyday of the year. It may sound a bit idealistic or preachy, but I just would love to see more good in the world. I want to contribute more to the world. Who is with me?

  • Published on Nov 19, 2015
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