Hunting With the Next Generation

| 12/30/2013 12:19:00 PM

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Next Generation Hunter

Amanda StoffelsGrowing up, my dad loved to hunt and watch the animals follow their routine within the beautiful world God gave us. As I grew up he passed this love for nature on to me. These great experiences lead me to value a man who made hunting a priority in his life. Right before my husband and I tied the knot we settled our "prenuptial agreement."

There are two major seasons of the year:

  • August through February is Hunting Season

  • April through July is Fishing Season

My response, "Well, then what season is March?" He says, "I guess that will have to fall into WIFE season." I can live with that!

My husband and I heading out to hunt on Thanksgiving Day

As you can imagine, hunting is a major part of our marriage. Our children have been on the deer stand since in the womb, but when my husband introduced me to squirrel season, I asked him what he did with them. He replied with a very matter-of-fact tone, "We eat them, of course." The idea of hunting something that I had never experienced before in my childhood was unnerving at first. Even so, I was intrigued, as hunting is in my genes. 

12/31/2013 9:54:09 AM

Amanda, pretty bold activities with children in this lovey-cuddly culture we live in today. Most people today don't understand that hunting is not just about the kill. In fact that's usually a small part of the experience. We went through a time here in Nebraska that the deer hunting was so curtailed that they started dying of black tongue disease. The wildlife management finally wised up and allowed more tags which eliminated the disease problem. I'm really not a hunter but do like fishing much more. Hunting is more active than fishing. Well, my kind of fishing that is. I take after my Dad in that I throw out the line and kick back with a nice drink or maybe take a nap until I see the rod bouncing or the clicker buzzing. Have a great outdoor/children day.

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