Not What I Expected, Only Better

| 6/28/2013 1:19:56 PM

Pauline HyltonI guess I imagined my life as a farmer's wife would look something like this:

"Time for dinner, Tom!" I'd shout after I rang the ornate dinner bell perched on top of a sturdy wooden frame.

Tom would look up from lush plants and graceful grape vines strewn artfully along strong twine. He'd wipe his brow while he smiled at me and saunter to the farmhouse.

I'd wait. Hair pulled back in a cute ponytail, attractive apron around my thinning waist, a rosy hue on my cheeks, Tom would pick me up, twirl me around and say with a drawl, "Howdy Sweetheart. You look gorgeous!"

He'd follow me into the kitchen where smells of homemade bread, baked chicken, and fresh greens filled the air.

Silky music would crescendo and then die down.

12/31/2014 6:27:55 PM

Pauline I love your posts! They make me laugh and nod in agreement , especially after a day of cleaning out coops in ice and mud and only getting 6 eggs for all my hard work! We havent started planting yet, but I am pretty sure we will be making similar mistake ... youtube is going to be a well used reference point :)