Wings and Feathers: Part 2

| 10/22/2014 8:37:00 AM

Country at HeartOther small birds lived in the area that may have been wrens, brown thrashers and sparrows. I can't prove that, but that's what my mind wants to believe. Whatever kinds of tiny birds they were, I just loved their singing and loud, high-pitched chirping. To this day, birdsong is one of my favorite sounds. So sweet and melodious. Who would not want to hear these mind-calming, soul relaxing, ear-soothing choruses?

Cardinals – For some reason, I think I saw a cardinal. Since we did not know its proper name, we called it a "red bird," and just in case they don't even live in (or visit) Arkansas, then I must have seen them in my sweet dreams.

Cardinal | Garcia 

Photo: Fotolia/Paul Garcia

Owls – There may have been owls in our neck of the woods, but I never saw them. However, we did talk and joke about them. We called them "hoot" owls. I guess that's because that's how they sound when they talk. And for some strange reason, everyone thought of this feathery creature as "a wise old owl." Not sure where that expression comes from, but we did use it a lot.

Owl | by Marti