What Rural People Have in Common

| 5/27/2014 9:38:00 AM

Country at HeartWhen I was growing up, I felt deprived of so much, but now when I look back on my childhood, I see that not everybody had everything. Even though some families had a few more conveniences than our family, still, there were some things they didn't (and couldn't have).

Some middle-class families could afford their own private well ... actually, I think it's safe to say that all homesteads had a well – if not, they had a lifetime of toting water from the well, the spring, or collecting it from their rooftop or getting it from some other source. To this day, people in the rural area where I grew up still don't have "city" water. I understand that's in the works though.

So, all of us country folks had to depend on an outside source for water, be it a well, a pump, a pond, a spring, or water caught in some kind of container straight from heaven.


Photo: Fotolia/Voyagerix

Back then, country people did a lot of walking. Unless we were going to church, to work, to visit our grandparents, to the school uptown or anywhere else other than right around our community, we walked. Most country people had some kind of vehicle, even if it was and old rattle trap that ran as though it was on its last leg. If they didn't have a car, they had to depend on the kindness of neighbors and even strangers for transportation.