Waking Up

| 2/11/2014 4:47:00 PM

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LindsayJack Spirko, of The Survival Podcast, calls it being switched on.

Paul Wheaton, of Permies.com, calls it having your brain infected.

Plato calls it an Ascent to Higher Intelligence.

I call it waking up to the dream of self-sufficiency.

Teaching Moment

I am a philosopher. I love wisdom and knowledge and reason. Above all I love truth. I don't care how much it hurts, honesty always hurts less than dishonesty. Truth always hurts less than untruths. Before I met my husband, I wanted certain things out of life. After he entered my life, some of those wants changed. I want to point out that I am still me. I still want things like motherhood and a home that is a refuge from the world. I still want to be an artist, to take photographs, and to be out in nature. I loved and dreamed about all of these things, since before I can remember. I still do, but things have changed. I am waking up.

2/16/2014 9:48:27 AM

Lindsay, your description of the world was presented in a very interesting way. On the down hill side of life I have been a part of the technology that changed our way of life. Although I still like technology, it has become in some cases a plague to our society and not the helpful thing we intended it to be. I am far from being a philosopher but instead I have acquired a bit of wisdom from the journey through life. Some parts of the journey have been joyous and other parts have been painful but it all was a learning process. Learning doesn't just happen in the education years. My personal belief is that learning should happen every day of a person's life. ***** Have a great waking up day.

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