Those Pesky Insects

| 12/29/2014 10:28:00 AM

Country at HeartThe countryside is full of all kinds of insects ... some I saw and some I heard, but they all cohabited with all of us country folks.

I think the most common insect is the house fly. There are also horse flies, but they live on and around horses – not in houses.

Though I love to hear crickets croaking or whatever sound they make, I don't like them in the house. When we lived on a large lake, we heard crickets every night, and I so loved their sound that I listened for them to make my evening and night complete.

fly | Fotolia/radub85

Photo: Fotolia/radub85

"Grand Daddy" is probably not the correct name for this scary-looking insect, but I was scared of those things and really hated them. When we made our brother mad, he certainly knew how to terrorize us. He'd chase us with those little, 12-legged monsters, and we'd run like the devil. They had their nests in the corners of our house. I couldn't figure out their reason for existing except for my brother to scare us with.