Season unto Season

| 6/14/2016 11:51:00 AM

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Laura LoweTomatoes are easy to grow and hot summers are perfect for growing.

Southern summers leave us breathless – seductively luring us into dark green lushness on the wings of bees and birds. Each day the fertile paradise of the garden brings forth an abundance of exquisite offerings so prolific that surely a magic genie has been at work overnight. Crepe myrtle trees offer their abundant flower clusters to teeming bee populations. White crepe myrtle flowers carpet lawns with snowy flower flakes. Summer sunshine is intoxicating and yet soothing in a warmth no other intoxicant can offer. And the colors – brilliant, resplendent, searing, titillating, hot to the touch – are perhaps the defining stamps of summer, whether worn by nature or nature worshipers.

Meat offerings are immolated on man-made charcoal altars, the scent wafts heavenward.  At dusk pyrotechnics dazzle the people gathered round – waiting for the awesome spectacle. Summer ripens into maturity.

Season leads unto season …

The woods are on

Autumn – full-bodied, mature, dressed in rust, gold, yellow, red, orange – presents her time of harvest and in gathering. Elevated to religious significance, thanksgiving is offered in various religious festivals. A pilgrimage to the mountains is in order to appreciate the leafy splendor igniting the hillsides with nature’s brush and palette. Moderating temperatures invigorate, dispelling summer’s languor.

Adults put away childish things. Citadels of learning beckon and chide the frolickers to repent, to atone for the pleasures of a season. The people bow and offer thanks for the land and what it has brought forth. It is such a good land that flows with milk and honey.

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