Pickin' Cucumbers

| 12/17/2013 12:48:00 PM

Country at HeartI always loved the tasty, dill pickles that my grandmother canned. To me, they were simply the best ... I guess because they were hers. So much for that. Now, we'll go out to the patch. When we harvested cucumbers, they  couldn't be the big, yellowish over-ripe ones nor could they be the little, scrawny, too-small babies. They had to be medium size, supposedly indicating that they were just right for eating or pickling.

Well, at any rate, Grandmother grew perhaps just a row or two for her and her family's personal use, but the cucumbers that are the subject of this blog were the ones grown in a not-too-small patch to be harvested by someone other than the grower.

This is where me and my brothers and sisters came in. I remember (as a kid) two patches that we picked from. With each field, I remember working in them only one summer ... which, for me, were two summers too long. Anyway, my father had some kind of internal "farmer's radar" that instinctively led him to plots of land where anything was ready to be harvested, and, of course, he dragged us along - as usual.

Cucumbers are vegetables that "breed" fast. It seems like one day you see a small, baby, thumb-size veggie, then the next day, it's a full-grown adult cucumber with pimples and all. That's when they're ready for harvesting.

Pickin' Cucumbers

Photo: andrewsht/Fotolia