My Guardian Angel

| 6/27/2016 12:35:00 PM

Linda WilliamsI sincerely believe that each of us has a guardian angel who does their very best to look after us during our days on earth.

For the most part, mine can take it pretty easy. I don’t ride motorcycles or climb mountains. I stay out of the woods on windy days and I don’t stay out late at night. It’s a pretty cushy job for a guardian angel.

But there are those times when action is required. One such event happened a few weeks ago.

We were going to visit our son in Albuquerque. I had bought tickets on Southwest in October and immediately announced that we would be flying on March 8, 2016. This meant we would leave for the Baltimore Airport on March 7, spend the night, and be quite ready to catch the plane the next morning.

I wrote March 7 on all the calendars. My son also wrote it on his. I made a reservation at the hotel and phoned the cat sitter to begin on March 8. I printed off my travel itinerary from the airlines and put it in a safe place. I also marked on the calendar that we would have to check in to the airlines at 9:45 on Monday, March 7.

Sunday, March 6, after church, we began packing. Within a few hours we had everything tucked into our luggage. My husband put gas in the car and extra cat litter boxes in the garage. Our plans were to run a few errands on Monday morning, of course check in with the airlines, and do some laundry. We were so prepared.