Many Hands Make Light Work

| 7/6/2016 12:06:00 PM

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LindsayThis is a collection of stories and fables, some true, some fictional, and some a mixture of both, that will entertain everyone and anyone who has a little Grit! Re-told by Lindsay Hodge of Haven Homestead.

Computer illustration chickens on grain pile
Photo by Adobe Stock/Riko Best

Many Hands Make Light Work (How the Little Red Hen Finally Got Some Help)

Millie stood at the edge of her field, dreaming of the delicious bread that she would make from the golden wheat that drooped its heavy heads and swayed in the wind. She had worked hard to get here. Millie had chosen just the right kind of wheat, prepared the ground, planted the seeds and nurtured the precious plants for months, all on her own. It was a lot of work. Especially for a hen. She was tired, but she was proud of the work that she had been able to accomplish. She just wished that she could have someone to share it with.

It wasn't like she didn't ask for help. When she asked Pete the Pig to help her pick the seed, he'd just snorted and said, “Not I.” Then he continued to wallow in his mud pit.

Millie asked Henry the Horse to help her plow the fields. It would have been short work for a horse his size, but he just whinnied, “Not I,” as he trotted off to the back field to play with Rover. Rover and Henry couldn't be bothered with work when there was playing to be done.

Millie asked Gander and Goose to help water and weed, but they had six new goslings to worry about. They had said, “Not I, but I wish I could.”

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