Looking Back

| 2/23/2015 3:22:00 PM

Mosquito Mountain Montana HomesteadI was recently asked to provide some photos for a blog post I wrote awhile back. That led to searching through some photo files I haven't looked at in years, which led me to relive some fond (and not so fond!) memories. I thought I'd share a few of them with you.

It's important to note that when we began this adventure I was 48 (almost 49!) years old. My wife and I had been married only about a year, and we still had five children living at home. One opted to stay in town with friends while the rest of us made the move.

We had originally looked at the property across the road but saw that this one was vacant and tracked down the owner. We sent a letter asking if he'd be interested in selling it. He replied to make an offer. We sent him our first offer. We under bid the land a bit expecting a counter offer from him. We asked for owner financing, no down payment, no interest, and three years to pay it off with a balloon payment at the end. To our surprise he accepted it. We were shocked, yet ecstatic!

We put our mobile home on one acre up for sale and began work immediately on the new place.

Photo 1 

Photo 2

2/23/2015 4:55:00 PM

I made a mistake on the loan period and didn't catch it in editing. The original owner financing contract was for five years (not three) and we paid it off in 3 1/2 years.