Imagination and Exploration

| 2/17/2015 3:09:00 PM

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Eileen"Every picture tells a story, don't it? ...." (My nod to the 1970s Rod Stewart song!) Visit my post from two weeks ago and see what I mean about the pictorial approach to invoke some exploration of ....

The signs and wonders, painted by a Hand much mightier than yours or mine, leave little to the imagination but carry a huge story. Such as a "halo" surrounding our house, a rainbow that began and ended on our property, an apple blossom in October in Wisconsin, a pair of wings on the wall in the bedroom, etc.

So, as you can see, every picture does tell a story, but every story should also "tell a picture."

Stay with me here ... it gets better! When we bought our farm, The Reservoir, and started our ministry, it was also the beginning of yet another wonderful journey. It included investigating the barns, silos and walking the terrain.  It was reminiscent of the "trips I'd take and never leave the farm" (another 1970s nod ....) as a child.

I remember saying, "See ya, Mom ... I'm going exploring!" There were no nooks and crannies of any barn on our property that I had not graced with my little nose. How excited I was at the treasures I'd find. How many tales I'd write on the spot of being a princess and having gifts brought to me on my throne .... Or I'd be a swashbuckler fighting off pirates thieving our goods. The episodes I'd encounter were endless; the ideas I'd conjure up truly were novel worthy! All of this I believed in my 7-year-old heart. A child's imagination at that age is at its ultimate peak. And in our excited youthfulness we tell everyone our tumultuous tales with ease!


2/20/2015 4:27:03 PM

That's why the Apostle Paul in Eph. chapter 1 wrote "open the eyes of their heart (imagination}

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