I Have Never Seen So Many Trees in My Life

| 2/9/2015 10:49:00 AM

Country at HeartAny part of the country is filled with trees. Some parts have more trees than others, and some trees are more common in one part than in another.

For instance, I believe Arkansas has more pine trees than any other place in the world. This southern, forested state just seems to be inundated with green pine trees. It's okay, because pines, just like any other trees, have their purpose.

Actually, pine timber harvesting is supposedly the No. 1 industrial crop in the state. Most people, with any amount of land, have at least one (or a cluster) of pine trees.

I don't know how common hickory is in that part, but thankfully, we had a large hickory nut tree in our front yard. Many people have never eaten hickory nuts, but they are among some of the best wild nuts there are. We certainly ate our share of them and always looked forward to the next crop.

Maple grows in among pine, but I couldn't identify a maple tree to save my life. Those who harvest timber can identify trees, but I'm not that much of a botanist to know the difference. I just know a pine tree when I see one. They are so obvious that even an untrained eye can spot them.

Our all-time favorite nut tree is the pecan. I say "favorite," because its nuts are so good. Although we harvested them, that is not the most fun part of the tree's existence. Eating its nuts is.