Halloween Is The Fun Holiday

Reader Contribution by Lois Hoffman
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Ghosts and goblins and witches’ brew! I love Halloween just for the sheer joy of the holiday. Make no mistake, I love Thanksgiving and Christmas also, but for totally different reasons. They have a lot of sentiment attached to them which sometimes makes them very emotional holidays.

Halloween, on the other hand, is for the sole purpose of having fun, getting together and enjoying the fall harvest season. Being the country girl that I am, it is the only night of the entire year that I can honestly say I wished I lived in town so I could see the cute little goblins.

I remember when I was little all of us cousins would gather at my grandparents’ house to go trick-or-treating. The oldest cousin would have to take us around the whole town (maybe 10 houses at the most). There was one older lady who would turn out her lights. As we passed by her house, we would always conjure up images of what scary creature lived in the big dark house. This added to the “magic” of the night and, I’m sure, helped us all behave for our oldest cousin.

Halloween tingles all the senses for me. The gold and crimson of the leaves casts a warm glow on everything. It’s hard not to feel elated when there is cheer all around. The scents of harvest all blend together in a magical aroma that’s a mixture of apples, burning leaves and crops being gleaned from the fields. There is the contagious sound of laughter from kids walking home from school with their friends again and the crisp air of early morning soon turns to sun-kissed afternoons.

Autumn also ushers in a quieter, more relaxed season. Summer is always so busy with everyone rushing here and there to ballgames, reunions, graduations and other celebrations. With the onset of fall, things tend to slow down and people actually have time for each other again. Neighbors chat while watching leaves burn, communities gather for festivals celebrating the season’s bounty and families get together to share time around a bonfire.  It’s a time to tackle those little projects that have nagged at you all summer but you never could quite find the time to get to them.

So, you may wonder, if I love autumn so much why do I look forward to Halloween when that traditionally signals the end of autumn? I guess that’s still the kid in me. I always hate to see a season go, but I can’t wait for the next one to come. Anticipation, excitement, it is what keeps us all young. There will always be problems and things to tend to so when I have a chance to be a kid again I grab it with gusto.

Last year, our 12-year-old grandson Wyatt decided to go trick-or-treating as a policeman. His younger brother didn’t relish the idea of being his “prisoner” so I donned the costume complete with ball and chain for the night. It wasn’t so bad except for getting in and out of the car with my ball and chain. I certainly hope he has something fun planned for me this year!

So, Halloween night, I’ll eat my share of candy, put on a costume and try to scare the grandkids and be a kid again myself. There’s time enough on November 1 to go back to being an adult.

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