Fowls Day and Country Chicks

| 3/5/2014 10:27:00 AM

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Country at HeartI must explain that a "fowl day" is not a day when baseball players strike out every ball that's zipped past their bat, neither is a "country chick" an ignorant, back-wood, barefoot country girl. If you're real country, like me, you'll know that a fowl and a chick are the same – a feathered chicken.

Now, on to the story. Not because I was too young to tend chickens, but even if I were grown, I never entertained any ideas of "tending" chickens. Country people had all kinds of fowls, including the newborns that we called "biddies." These cute, little "feathers" are born with some kind of "shell" or hard skin on their small, tender beaks that have to be "pipped," we called it. It's done to "blunt" the beak and to prevent the chick from damaging its beak when it starts pecking. That was Mother's "veterinarian's job." She took each chick and delicately removed this hard, shell-like skin from the "biddy's beak.

There are several brands of chicken, and a neighbor even had turkeys. I thought they were so ugly and unsightly. And I couldn't imagine what was the purpose of that wrinkled, red part of their neck that always hung down near their chin. Perhaps I shouldn't be too critical of this big bird, because after all, it does end up as a center piece on some body's table every Thanksgiving.

Then, there were ducks. I was always sort of afraid of them, because they would chase you, especially if you got too close to their young ducklings ... I guess that's what they're called. However, I do love ducks. I think they're so cute, and today they are a part of my kitchen decor on glasses, cups, plates, and anything else that I find them on, including duck figurines.

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