Breathing New Life Into Canning Jar History

| 3/30/2015 12:33:00 PM

Modern RootsI got to the store at about 9 a.m. yesterday and many times I leave the door unlocked. It doesn't bother me if my customers or new wanderers stumble in before I open. I happened to leave the door propped as I stirred and poured lotions. A tall man came in, and I yelled 'hello' from behind the curtain as I typically do. I came out to the front and talked with him a bit, he looked familiar. He asked if I wanted some old jars. Probing for more information I asked him what they looked like and how many he had.

He replied, "Hundreds."

old jars covered in dust, bugs and dirt

I asked if he had a sample of the sizes so he went out to his vehicle to retrieve some. He came back with very vintage blue and blue/green mason pint and quarts jars. I asked, "Do you have any 1/2 gallon sizes?" and he said, "Boxes."

"How much you want for them and how many do you have to buy?" I questioned.

"Oh, 50 cents each, and as many as you'd like. I'm cleaning out an elderly lady's shop. Her husband passed away quite a few years ago, and she wants it all cleared out," he answered.

7/7/2015 9:33:52 PM

Hi, I realize this post is a few months old, but... I (very) recently started looking at the vintage mason / fruit jars online. They are so beautiful! Of course ebay has a ton, but I would like to actually find them at an auction myself. Do you know how to find farm auctions that may have them? I've tried some google searches but I haven't found anything substantial.. I see you haven't posted again since March - hope you are so busy cleaning all those jars... Peace, kkb

4/2/2015 2:13:21 PM

This is a great story Meg! Thank you for sharing it. So HAPPY that he salvaged the jars & brought them to the RIGHT person! In case you are interested in some good sites about Jar History, I will share these and hope they will be helpful: Some are groups to join or public groups, along with links to FB pages: *A good source for Jar Values is the "Red Book": *Ball Jar Collectors Group: *Fruit Jar Collectors: *Fruit Jar Newbie FB page: *Mason & Fruit Jar Auction Page: * Minnetrista blog: & *Fruit Jar Go-Withs: