Between The Pages

| 5/8/2017 11:28:00 AM

Connie Moore


On numerous occasions, I’ve said that there is much to found in a community cookbook. Wonderful recipes to be sure, but hidden between the lines and pages are gems that surpass usual bookmarks and cook’s notes.

Every year, just before the spring and fall community garage sales in our area, I glean cookbooks off my shelves to sale. I usually get nowhere fast; I end up reading each book or at least leafing through the pages. Some I know I will never part with. Such was the case this week when, tucked in between two for-sale volumes, was a small thin one from the 1960s.

A yellowed newspaper clipping was between "Beef Liver with Tomatoes" and "Baked Cream Chicken" Titled "The Class of 1922," it was a reunion photograph of Clark County’s Olive Branch High School. Some of the last names were familiar.

Further on in the book, an ad for Swans Down Cake Flour was found. Along with that yellowed clipping was a recipe for No-Knead Coffee Cake and a handwritten recipe for Rhubarb Crunch.