Mrs. Brown's Flower Garden

| 6/8/2013 6:45:46 PM

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Arkansas GirlWith springtime in full bloom and summer just around the corner, I think this is a good time to "blog" about my old neighbor's "blooming" garden. Perhaps you've seen those people who do something as a hobby but end up putting the professionals (in that same occupation) to shame. Well, that was certain true of Mrs. Brown. Supposedly she had a "green thumb," or several of them.

When I was a kid, women planted flower gardens the way they planted vegetable gardens. They'd have a row of different kinds of flowers.

With happy anticipation, they'd order flower seeds through the mail and seemed to cherish those small packets of "dry potential" as though they were gold. I used to watch women glaring at those unopened packets as if they held the most delicious dessert they'd ever made. Maybe I'm a little dramatic, but I didn't like growing anything, so I was always fascinated at the way women looked at flower packets.

I wasn't sure if other girls liked flowers, but I could hardly wait until flower-planting time, and more particularly, flower harvesting time. Even though I love flowers, I'm not that familiar with the different varieties, but I suppose whatever flowers grew in Arkansas, my neighbor planted. I do recall roses of different colors, sweet peas, and zinnia. I know she had roses, but I'm not sure what else she planted.

Well, anyway, Mrs. Brown didn't grow flowers for a business, but she certainly could have. Any florist would have been delighted to have her bright, colorful "bouquets." At least, I was. Occasionally, she'd give me a bunch of her hard-grown "love." What a wonderful treat that made my day! Of course, I love people, but flowers are also the love of my life.

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