Mother Earth News Fair: Connecting with GRIT Readers

| 10/18/2010 4:11:00 PM

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A photo of the author, Caleb ReganA couple weeks back, I had the pleasure of attending the inaugural MOTHER EARTH NEWS Fair, September 25 and 26 in Seven Springs, Pennsylvania. From talking to GRIT readers to attending a workshop on small-scale home meat processing, this was an excellent opportunity that I’m thrilled to have seized.

My duties at the Fair were multifaceted, but initially I was to go and work a booth promoting GRIT’s partnership with the U.S. Belted Galloway Society involving a giveaway of a young, registered Belted Galloway heifer. The drawing is mid-March, by the way, so there’s still time to get in. All you need is access to a couple of acres, and you could have a gentle, hardy, beef cow that will do excellent on grass.


Turns out, this was the perfect venue for talking with people about which breed they’d pick for starting their own herd, and I hope this won’t be the only cow (or other livestock) sweepstakes we do at GRIT. We love putting useful stuff in the hands of our readers, and what has more utility and vast returns than loveable livestock for your farm?!

Working GRIT U.S. Belted Galloway Booth 

Photo: courtesy David King

10/25/2010 9:39:32 AM

Robyn - You can check on future fairs here: Paul and Twenty Twenty - You guys made the experience what it was for me. Nebraska Dave - While the workshop was useful, it was all demonstration and no hands-on. I suspect that would be sort of hard to pull off, but it's worth looking into for the future; the main thing would be to minimize waste.

nebraska dave
10/25/2010 8:10:34 AM

@Caleb, meat processing always seemed to be so messy to me. If I had animals to process, I suspect that I would take them somewhere to be processed. Not necessarily because I was too squeamish but just imagine the horror on the neighborhood kid’s faces from Old Dave murdering chickens or cute little rabbits in the backyard. Heaven help me if I was to gut Bambi. My how city folks have lost the pioneer homestead spirit. In the meat processing classes at the Mother Earth’s Fair, did they have hands on learning or was it strictly demonstration classes? Good hunting.

robyn dolan
10/21/2010 2:21:55 PM

Caleb, is the fair going to be in other locations? Do they have a schedule posted somewhere? We'll be showing up in (well worked) cowboy boots! Robyn

mr twenty twenty
10/19/2010 5:40:51 PM

Hi Caleb, It was great meeting you when the Mother Earth News Fair was in town. A lot of great things have been happening here since then. The fair was like a spark to many local people, who are seeking to return to a more down to earth lifestyle. Be well and hope to see you next year! Mr Twenty Twenty

paul gardener
10/19/2010 3:47:19 PM

Caleb, You know I had a great time there and it was really cool to get to meet you and Hank. Put me on the list for GRIT fair participants. I'll make sure to wear my favorite pair of Durango Boots for the event! Take Care. P~

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