Mother Earth News Fair 2012

| 6/8/2012 8:50:07 PM

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Welcome to the Mother Earth News Fair

I have just returned from attending the Mother Earth News Fair in Puyallup, Washington this past weekend with family.  It was a blast!   Saturday morning arrived and the rain clouds were just letting up for the day.  Sunshine was in the forecast and I could not wait to attend some of the 150 workshops of the weekend.  

Mother Earth News Fair Brochure

There were exhibitors, vendors, a Mother Earth News Bookstore with book signings, demonstrations, food, a poultry show and wonderful lectures.  I had the pleasure of experiencing lectures by Ed Begley Jr., one on natural beekeeping and one on gardening with backyard chickens.  All were excellent.  Here are some highlight from the fair this past weekend.


Alpacas are very popular in Washington State.  We watched as some alpacas and sheep were sheered during a demonstration.  This one is called a "teddy bear".

6/12/2012 2:15:39 PM

Melissa, The Mother Earth fair sounds like it was great. I sure wish they would have one in the Midwest. It's close to a 2,000 mile one way trip to visit either of the coast fairs for me. I have been reading The Mother Earth News since day one. It's always been informative about DIY projects and simple living which I try to do. Have a great day on the homestead.

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