Moonshine still raided at Coondog Cemetery 75th anniversary celebration

| 9/8/2012 10:22:46 PM

 making a fire 

   chopped up still 5868 


The Coondog Cemetery celebrated its 75th anniversary on Labor Day September 3, 2012 with a rip roaring celebration.  What better way to have a mountain celebration with over 2500 guests than to have some shine to go along with L. O. Bishop BBQ?  Moonshine, mountain dew, white lightning, red-eye, rotgut, alcohol, ardent spirits, booze, drink, firewater, grog, hooch, John Barleycorn, that is.  In order to have some fresh shine and educate the next generation on the lost art of making moonshine, you have to have a still.   

   finally a good fire 

   stirring the mash